If you have difficulty accessing any aspect of please email us at and we will do our very best to assist and accommodate you by providing product information, item description or transaction assistance through an alternative communication method that is accessible for you, including telephone support or scheduled Zoom Call. Our founder, Lisa Marie Fernandez was taught sign language as a child.


Accessibility goal

Lisa Marie Fernandez's goal is to provide our customers and potential customers with interfaces that enable them to gather information easily and successfully and conduct business with us through If you are using assistive technologies, our goal is to make your use of Lisa Marie Fernandez's website an enjoyable and successful experience.

This website was built on a theme in accordance with Shopify's A11Y standards. Shopify's guidelines were created with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) in mind, which is considered by many to establish appropriate standards for website accessibility.


We are in the process of an entire website re-design to include information on our locally produced and sustainable collection as well as taking a variety of steps to ensure that substantially conforms to WCAG standards to the extent reasonable for a small business. Lisa Marie Fernandez attempts to make every page accessible to users, but kindly be advised this is an ongoing effort.


We invite you to contact us regarding any feedback or suggestions you may have regarding how Lisa Marie Fernandez could improve the accessibility of If you have a suggestion, please email us at